Free Downloads of Our Tracts

The following are some of the tracts we use during our street preaching and public ministry. Click on the link above each tract to see the whole tract and to download it. The tracts are in Tagalog. Feel free to download the tracts and make your own copies. I have left the “for more information” space on the back of the tracts blank. If you use the tracts, I encourage you to put some type of address or contact number in the space to enable people to text you or contact you for more information. I put my cell phone numbers on the back of tracts that we give out and people regularly contact me wanting more information.

The tracts are designed to be printed out on 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Simply print out each tract and then Xerox it “back to back.”   So basically you have 4 tracts per piece of paper (back to back).  Here in Cavite, we are able to print one ream of paper (500 pages) for around 500 pesos. So for 500 pesos we are able to have 2000 tracts. If you use the risograph style of printing, you print even cheaper than this.

If you have any questions or concerns about the tracts, just let me know. I hope to add more tracts in the future. Also, if anyone wants me to send them the “Word” copy of the tracts so that you can do more editing on the tract, just E-mail me at:

Guilty ka talaga

Guilty Ka adjusted

Handa Ka Na Ba

Handa Ka adjusted

Feb 14 Tracts pdf